The Biomedical Science and Technology Cluster of Umbria (in short Biomedical Cluster of Umbria, or BCU) can provide comprehensive service throughout the whole process of design, construction and management of a hospital or clinic.

Together, the Cluster’s production, professional, technological and service skills offer highly complementary business solutions which can cater to the detailed, complex market requirements of the biomedical industry of both the private and public sector at national and international levels.

We work together addressing global challenges and looking forward to new integrated products and services, believing that innovation is one of the main drivers for growth and internationalization.

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The Biomedical Cluster of Umbria can manage all phases of private/public sector hospital design. This includes redevelopment and modernization of existing structures. From feasibility studies and designs to executive blueprints, the cluster can also provide all technological components involved (e.g. mechanical, electrical and/or other special installments). The multidisciplinary expertise of the companies within the cluster […]



The term eHealth is widely used by many individuals, and in our cluster addresses not only ICT technologies, but refers to all digital health-related information, covering Electronic Health Records, ePrescribing, Clinical Decision Support, Telemedicine, Health knowledge management, products instruments and medical devices management.  


Training and Upgrade

On-Going Training and Technology Upgrade In order to provide clients with solutions that improve performance and services, particular attention is paid to on-going training, continuous scientific and technological transfer. This offers clients a strategic edge which can ensure up-to-date medical facilities with the highest quality standards.


Construction and P&CM

BCU boasts highly specialized companies in construction of high-tech public/private sector hospitals and clinics, in accordance with the strictest technical, environmental and security standards and requirements.


Medical Devices

Production and Commercialization of Medical Devices The diverse and complementary productions of its companies allow BCU to provide an extremely high degree of specialization in areas such as: supply of sterile surgical instrument kits, coupled with a detailed maintenance, repair and reconditioning process of the same; medical devices for deterging critical and chronically ill patients […]



Medical, Electro-Medical and Technical Furnishings BCU can provide clients with internal fittings, equipment and technical furnishings. The range of medical, electro-medical and technical furnishings offered, as well as integrated e-Health solutions, allow BCU to present comprehensive functional departments. All is arranged with the best possible organizational process of care and managements of patients, medical staff […]


Services and Maintenance

BCU can cater to all levels of medical management. This includes services which are often outsourced such as industrial laundry, general maintenance, medical environment cleaning and sanitization of high risk areas such white room and medical waste management. Combined skills in maintenance, comprehensive management of medical documentation, and e- Health can provide assistance and detailed […]